Wifi Vidya is one of the best  Digital Marketing Training institutes in Vizag offering different kinds of courses for students to achieve in the world of internet. Our courses focus mainly on promoting any business with the help of various Search Engine Optimisation methods in an effective way. We have been providing quality courses to people, which have attracted a lot of Companies to hire with high remuneration packages.

Why Join Digital Marketing Course in Visakhapatnam?

Digital marketing is the modern way of promoting business with the help of digital sources on the internet. It is evident that most of the companies would prefer to promote their product or service online because it helps them to attract potential visitors in a quick span of time. Wifi Vidya offers courses related to online promotion based on the requirement and the industry to achieve goals on a regular basis. It is important for people to enroll for a Digital marketing course in Vizag because it helps them to increase the job opportunities over a period of time.


Wifi Vidya offers various kinds of digital marketing Modules including SEO training in Vizag & Visakhapatnam, which can be availed at affordable cost from time to time.

Different aspects of Digital marketing training in Vizag and Visakhapatnam

Our courses help people to promote a company or individual blog in order to earn a good amount of money with the help of digital marketing techniques and also to get jobs very quickly.

Search Engine Optimization
  • Search Engine Optimization Introduction
  • Types of Search Engines
  • SEO Updates
  • Keyword Research
  • Web Position Analysis
  • On page Optimization
  • OFF page Optimization
  • Teachnical SEO 
  • BlackHat SEO
  • SEO Tools
  • SEO Audit
  • SEO Report Generation
  • Live Project 
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Search Engine Marketing
Search Engine Marketing Introduction
Account Setup
Billing Management
Types of Campaigns 
Ad Groups Creation
Ads Creation
Keyword Selection
Types of Keywords
Bid Strategies 
Ad Formats
Ad Extensions
Adwords Tools
MCC Account
PPC Editior
Conversion Tracking 
Social Media Marketing

Importance of Social Media in Business


Facebook Introduction

Page Creation 

Event Creation

Group Creation

Facebook Tools

Facebook Apps


Likes and Shares

How to add Balance on Facebook

How to create Facebook Ads

Report Creation 

Social Media Calendar entry


Other Social Media Networks





Premium Tools


Google Webmaster Tools

Search Appearance 

  • Structured Data
  • Rich Cards
  • Data Highlighter
  • HTML Improvements
  • AMP

Search Traffic

  • Search Analytics
  • Links to your site
  • Internal Links
  • Manual Actions
  • International Targeting
  • Mobile Usability

Google Index

  • Index Status
  • Blocked Resources
  • Remove Urls


  • Crawl Errors
  • Crawl Stats
  • Robots.txt
  • Sitemaps
  • URL Parameters


  • Site Settings
  • Change of Address
  • Google Analytics Property
  • Users and Property Owners
  • Verification Details


Google Analytics

What is Google analytics

How to Connect Google Analytics to Website

Google Analytics Interface

Acquisition Group in google analytics

Audience tab in google analytic s

Behavior group in analytics

Table view in google analytics

How to create filters

How to define goals

How to filter the data

Metrics and Dimensions in Google Analytics

Segmentation in google analytics

Traffic sources in analytics

Live Traffic

Reports Generation


How to Install WordPress ?

Admin Panel in WordPress ?

WordPress Tool Bar

What is Post and How to create Post ?

What is Page And How to Create Page ?

WordPress Editior

WordPress Short Codes

Plugins Installation  and Setup

Menu Creation and Setup

Content Posting

Add Media to WordPress

Featured Image Setup

Slider in wordpress

wordpress customization



Header and Footer

Backup WordPress

SEO Plugin

Total Website Creation

Youtube Marketing

Youtube Introduction

How to Earn money using Youtube

Youtube Channel Ideas

Creation of youtube Channel

youtube channel art and channel icon Setup

Youtube Settings

How to Verify Youtube Account

Title and Description Tags

How to add annotations to the video

cards on youtube

SEO score Vid IQ

Video Manager and Playlist

Community Settings

How to Monetize Youtube Channel

Youtube Channel Settings

youtube analytics part One

youtube analytics part Two

Affiliate Marketing

What is Affiliate Marketing?

How to make money through Affiliate Marketing?

Best Affiliate Networks

How to Join Affiliate Networks?

How to Promote your Affiliate Products

Affiliate Marketing Tools

Store Mangenment

Email Marketing

How does Email Marketing work? 

How to create Business Emails? 

Tools used to create Emails 

Tips on Email Marketing

Open Rate

Double Optin

List Creation


Auto Responders

Report Creation 




What is Blogger and How to Create?

Blogger Dashboard

How to Create pages and Posts?

Blogger Layout

How to backup Template?

How to upload Template?

Blogger customization

Domain Linking

Search Console Integration

Analytics Integration

Widgets in Blogger and How to Add?

Blogger SEO


What is Freelancing? 

How to Get Projects?

Profile Creation 

TIps and Tricks 

Some Online Freelancing Sites 




People per hour

Content Mart


We offer quality and informational course for students to play an individual role in the growth of a business or self-employment.


We offer quality and long-lasting techniques in order to use the knowledge over a long span of time without hassles.

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By Join in Wifi Vidya for Digital Marketing Course You have to start One website For Practice not only for Practice you can also start your own business with this website or you can start your own blog to make money online. Entire Training Will be provided with 100 % practical sessions. Nowadays Recruiters asking real time scenario based Interview questions. So we brought this unique concept to make Every Student Successful. Whatever you are learning in Training sessions those ideas and Strategies you have to implement on your own live project. In the training, you will be getting all the required support and  Material from our real-time Industrial experts. Make the right move now without any delay and join our Digital Marketing Course in Vizag and start learning digital marketing today to skyrocket your small business.

No matter whatever your business, but when you study the courses the definitely you will reach your goal easily. Social contribution with clients is most important that the social media marketing is publishing destination in a famous social media. You will also advertise your business on social media networks with the help of the smm training courses. Really the social media advertisement is most important because all purchasing and other works are done through online, so it will be helpful for your business to get number audience. Our smm training courses also cover every concept of social media marketing and also include different strategies. For Digital Marketing Course in Vizag upcoming training sessions Please Contact us.

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