911 Dispatcher Interview Questions

911 Dispatcher Interview Questions

Here We listed all the important 911 Dispatcher Interview Questions Before you go to interview Go through it It will enhance your confidence Levels.


  • Give a quick introduction about yourself?

It seems easy because you are familiar with this question but don’t start with your personal and family details. The first greet him/her the very next give your professional details and give a snapshot of your work history like which company you worked for and your title, your years of experience and also major responsibilities and than your achievements in these years that end up your answer.

  • What is 911 Dispatcher means?

A 911 Dispatcher is a computer operator that connects people in difficult situations. Their work within emergency response services often places them in middle of life or death situations.

  • What grades make a good 911 dispatcher?

Wanting to be a good dispatcher i need good communication skills and with certain good judgement where you are able to say something that most of the people not able to speak. Being good dispatcher essentially comes from the right context depending upon what you identified with.

  • What action you will take when situation is traitful?

As a dispatcher in a charge who is responsible for contacting the people in emergency situations. At that moment you must contact the first respondents like cops, fire department etc.

  • How well did your professional studies help you to prepare for this job?

For this position i have the right mix of experiences and personal traits too. As a EMT Student i have learnt the emergency management and how to solve the worst situations in a proper way.

  • List do some points of team work?

Effective work

Support risk taking

Clear Direction

Honest communication

  • What is your favorite thing about being a 911 dispatcher?

I always passionate for helping people like giving back and also it is great way to serve your community.

  • What 911 calls do you feel the most proud to have taken?

Many times i feel proud of myself to be a dispatcher. Though i convinced people regarding their violent attemps that shows and make me realize how important we are.

  • Pros of dispatcher?


It is a emergency number.

You learn to remain calm for extreme situations.

Multi-Tasking skills will be on point.

  • Why you have chooses your career as a Dispatcher?

Because of my personal experience and for instance ” when i had to dial 911 for my grandmother was having a heart attack and you what the dispatcher kept me calm and helped on that situation so, i would like to take this opportunity and help others in the same way.

  • Can i know how strong is your geographic knowledge?

My geographic knowledge was too advanced and i am glad to take any tests you may need.

  • What are the cons of this particular job?


No flexibility in work schedule.

People dislike you because of the police

Working on Holidays

  • As a Dispatcher the majority of time you will be on calls.How does it feels?

I believe that the fast pace of job will not be routine in our day to day life today is much more different from tomorrow so,i would like to take up these tasks and fulfill my goals.

  • Why should we hire you for this Dispatcher job?

you should hire me because i can handle highly stressed situations as well as gather the required information to relay.

  • How do you become a Dispatcher?

A high school degree

Earn certification

Meet the required standards.

  • Is it strenuous to be a dispatcher?

It is most difficult job.

Should be patient enough.

High typing skills.

Should be assertive.

  • How to mute people call 911?

All we need to do is turn on the machine [Telecommunications device for the deaf] and dial and press the keyboards space bar until the call transfers to another person.

  • What are challenges have you faced to solve a problem?

In order to solve problems efficiently.

Firstly i would like to listen to the caller carefully.

And give them clear and detailed plan of action.

  • Define Smart work?

You have to answer this question in a quick way like Smart work plays a vital role in working organizations where completing the work in a limited time with the existing resources and having an idea through work and also get other people to follow it because it saves hours of execution.

  • How do you handle pressure?

I understand that pressure is all part of everyday working life and i actually perform really well under pressure. I even prioritize which tasks are the most important and work solidly and put in the extra hours if needed to get the task done within the set time frame and also set clear measurable targets that were to be achieved and broke all targets in smaller pieces.

  • What is your Greatest Strength?

By this question you have to put powerful words in your response and those words essentially should turn into a positive words and interview panel should be motivated by your words. For example ” my strengths include by ability of work effectively and being supportive of other team members even though i have an adaptability nature and have an intricate eye for details.”

  • What are your weakest areas?

Remember that while answering this question don’t ever tell that you don’t have any weaknesses instead of saying “NO” give at least one or two weakness that is acceptable for this job and also mention how you overcome your weakness. For example put some of your strengths into weaknesses like you say i am perfectionist that i get too much into details due to which i run short of time. Learn how to manipulate them wisely and be prepared with these steps.

  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

By this interviewer wants to hear

That if you are ambitious and really taught of your career.

Your long term goals align with their Organization.

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