Best Animation Training in Vizag with Placement

Wifi Vidya offers one of the best courses in Vizag to study 2D Animation in depth. This animation certification training course includes topics from basic to advanced levels and is meant to help you find work in good MNC businesses in Visakhapatnam as soon as you finish it. With hands-on examples and exercises, you’ll learn how to use Animation inside and out like an expert.

The best thing about this Animation training institute in Visakhapatnam is that it provides several possibilities to apply your knowledge through hands-on lectures, assignments, and other activities. This training is useful for strengthening the subject’s foundation.


Course Objectives for Best 2d Animation Course Training in vizag :

  • Why choose our Animation Training in Vizag?
  • With millions of users worldwide, the animation is one of the most popular cloud options available today.
  • Learning in-demand skills such as animation can lead to a lucrative career path.

Enroll in this Animation Training Course in Vizag today to leverage the rising demand in various industries.

  • What will you learn in Wifi Vidya’s Animation course in Vizag?
  • Study the fundamentals of animation as well as the tools necessary to become a great animator!
  • Learn how to make simple objects and forms come to life, as well as realistic motion.
  • Master the fundamental animation principles that serve as the foundation.
  • Work on animation techniques and suggestions that experienced animators utilize in all of their work.
  • By the end of this course, you will have learned principles and techniques that you will utilize for the rest of your career if you decide to become a professional animator!


  • Is there any prerequisite for Wifi Vidya to join this Animation institute in Vizag?

There are no prerequisites; if you’ve never animated before, this course will show you how to do so from the ground up.


  • Who can apply for the Best Animation Course in Vizag?
  • Anyone who wants to learn how to animate from the ground up
  • Artists that create storyboards, animators, filmmakers, and storytellers
  • Designers of motion graphics or anyone interested in the concepts of animation for motion design


Course Content for Animation Training in vizag :

  • Introduction to Multimedia
  • Definition multimedia
  • Applications & Design
  • Authoring


  • Design
  • The Objectives
  • Content (print, graphics, sounds, etc.)
  • Interaction
  • The Assessment
  • The Closure


  • Screen Design
  • Metaphors & Themes
  • Colors & Backgrounds
  • Text (size, color, placement)
  • Navigation
  • Consistency
  • Transitions & Links


  • Sound
  • HyperStudio Sounds
  • Recording


  • Graphics
  • Integrating Web documents



  • Who are the trainers at Wifi Vidya?

The Animation trainers at Wifi Vidya are all certified and experienced professionals who work in top MNCs. Every trainer is committed to the success of their students and strives to improve their learning experience.


  • What if I miss a session?

You’ll never miss a class at Wifi Vidya. You can select either of the following options:

  • In your LMS, you can view the recording of the session you missed.
  • Attend the missed session in conjunction with any other live batches.


  • How will I carry out the practical?

Our instructors provide students with server access, assuring a realistic real-time experience, as well as assistance with all utilities for a thorough comprehension of the course.


  • Does Wifi Vidya provide job assistance for Animation training in vizag ?

Wifi Vidya provides job assistance to learners who have completed the training. We forward your resume to every top firm with which we partner, and we also train you on resume writing, job interviews, and other industry-specific skills.


  • What if I am unable to join the batch in which I enrolled?

You can proceed with the next batch of training, which will be communicated to you, specifically by our team.


  • If I cancel my enrollment, will I be refunded?

Yes, you will receive a refund if your enrollment is canceled. However, you must cancel your enrollment within 48 hours of registering and will be retained after 30 days of making a request.

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