Top 5 Digital Marketing Institutes in Vijayawada

Here You can find All the Top 5 Digital Marketing Institutes in Vijayawada

Wifi Vidya

Wifi Vidya has long been committed to providing high-quality training for students and professionals. Our goal is to provide comprehensive training on digital marketing services that play a key role in every business today. It is important that all individuals must determine the training institution. Training institutions can provide high-quality training to manage personal data separately and regularly get jobs from different departments. Our students can get jobs in different companies effectively according to the market structure and job requirements.

Wifi Vidya has been working on different aspects of digital marketing to provide accurate training from time to time. Our team of experts is regularly updated. This plays an important role by providing advanced advice to achieve results in a reasonable time. Everyone needs to know the grades of the students so that they have a fair understanding of the courses and regular job opportunities in the market.

It is very important for all students to see and compare different types of digital marketing courses on the market, as it helps to effectively select the right course based on budget and requirements. Our team of experts is well trained and experienced to save time and provide the right points to avoid wasting unnecessary aspects of the topic. Wifi Vidya guarantees to provide high quality training in accordance with the subject and the requirements. This is essential for people to effectively save time and energy.

The well-known fact is that most companies look for digital marketing professionals because it can help them promote easily. We provide high-quality training to attract most companies to regularly select students based on their talents and requirements.

Choose our advantage

Quality Training: Quality training plays an important role for all students because it enables them to understand the concepts in detail and work easily.

Affordable Packages: Wifi Vidya ensures that students can easily choose a package to purchase courses. By registering more courses from time to time, you can save your money.

Tictac Digital

TICTAC Digital is Vijayawada’s leading digital marketing company, which uses data-centric strategies to reduce expenses on wasted media and increase revenue to provide sales and leads. TICTAC digital marketing agency will help you connect with great online companies and clients with effective purpose and style. We are the teachers of our field. From SEO to social media, website design and brand promotion, we offer real solutions for digital marketing. As easy as you find us, we make sure that your future customers find you.
Digital marketing company TICTAC is a creative and technologically superior person dedicated to your success. We are a team of thinkers, designers, builders and interpreters. The TICTAC Digital Marketing Agency prides itself on balancing innovation and experience to solve problems and achieve high-performance marketing. We create brands that have a sustainable and positive impact on our lives.



Inventateq is an online marketing technology company (SEO.SEM) dedicated to providing vocational training for all kinds of online marketing courses used in real work environments. Inventateq is aimed at everyone from beginner computer users to IT professionals. Inventateq graduate students are ready to meet the challenges facing the current job market. Inventateq has multiple tasks. As SEO experts, PPC experts, link builders, social media marketers, and webmasters, we strive to recruit students in the field of online marketing. Our desire is to create value, gain confidence, deliver results, exceed expectations and empower people.

At Inventateq, we understand that not all students learn at the same rate. In classrooms with more than eight students, some students were left behind due to lack of communication between students and teachers. That is why Inventateq uses a practical approach in each course. The teacher-student relationship ensures that students do not waste time. Each student receives individual guidance in the classroom and has enough opportunities to review the topics covered in the SEO course.

At Inventateq, we understand that we need SEO and SEM training because we are looking for better jobs. Therefore, we require that all students bring real-life scenarios to the classroom. During class, students work on projects that are truly available to the company. In this way, students can apply the knowledge learned in the classroom directly to their fieldwork.


i-digital is a full-service digital media agency that provides training and services to students and businessesi-digital not only believes in teaching but also helps students become professionals. The most important thing is to understand the students’ ability to understand the subject of the class. i-digital provides hands-on or real-time projects to help you better understand your projects.

For most students, online marketing tools that can help promotion are brand new. But this is neither Greek nor Latin. Make sure you have a solid foundation so you can learn a more comprehensive and engaging digital marketing plan.

Our coach has over 8 years of industry experience and is also an expert in digital marketing certification. At work, they have helped many companies achieve their marketing goals. Currently, he has established a digital marketing agency in Vijayawada to help students and professionals achieve their professional goals.

Web Viola

WebViola is a full-service digital media agency that provides training and services to students and businesses. WebViola is a pioneer in the introduction of Vijayawada digital marketing.

At WebViola, we believe not only in teaching, but also in helping students become professionals. We provide students with real-time projects to help them better understand.

Our coaches have over 5 years of industry experience and are also experts in digital marketing certification. At work, they have helped many companies achieve their marketing goals.

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