Top Digital Marketing Trends in 2020

As we all know that we are in the digital era. The technology is developing beyond the expectations of the humankind. At present almost everything is digitalized like banking, health, entertainment, education, transportation etc. Including marketing the products, everything is digitalized in this modern world. Social media is the new realm of marketing products that can reach to the common people who are not well educated. According to the statistics, there are almost 2.23 billion active social media users. It shows how social media impacts people a day to day lives.  Top Digital Marketing Trends in 2019

Indeed many trends are there in digital marketing among all those the following are being considered as never-ending trends.

Story Telling (Customer’s satisfaction):

Storytelling is one of the latest trends in digital marketing. It is a way of capturing attention in an ingenious way. In recent times consumers and the decision makers are not concentrating on banner advertisements and sales promises. They are very much interested to narrate brand’s story. In fact, a recent survey proves that by telling or narrating the brand’s story well, the company’s service or product increase to the level of over 20 times. To achieve this kind of approach the companies need a clear vision with leadership along with intuitive and innovative qualities.

Creating brand awareness (Capturing Loyalty) :

Creating brand awareness is the growing trend in retailers which concentrates mainly on success evolution of marketing that centered around offers and deals. 20% of the retail marketers reported that this is one of the most critical success measures in recent times. Retailers invest their money with loyalty, by assuming the technology to differentiate from other competitors.

Simpler Mobile Marketing & Checkouts (Convenience) :

Top of the retailers today is concentrating on to overcome the challenges with mobile checkout. This is to make sure that brands should improve customers’ experience. Mobile checkout is an important & key area for retailers for sales growth. Mobile marketing is growing faster because it helps marketers to drive in-store sales. Mobile is being in front of the people as it is convenient for their buying decisions.

Chatbots (Quick Communication) :    

Chatbot is an artificial intelligence based technology for instant messaging in real time with site visitors and customers. Chatbots are responsive, accurately recall entire buying history, give answers immediately with patience hence many customers are attracting towards chatbots. Uber uses chatbots for communication with their customers even on facebook messenger. Nowadays, almost 1.4 billion people start interacting with chatbots.

Video Marketing ( Popularity ) :

In recent times our planet reached 1 billion hours of views on youtube social video per day. This shows how video marketing attracts people attention. A Video is a versatile arrangement in which it can cover multiple platforms. Videos can easily entertain and engage consumers. It can help to understand the products. A huge potential return on investment(ROI) can possible through videos. Search engines also love video because of the high-quality content.

(IOT) Internet of Things  (Consumer Map) :

Internet of things is the technology that describes communication between every-day gadgets and various internet-enabled devices. This device can transmit the information from one place to another place through beacons, cloud, Bluetooth signals and so on. The growth of any business can be possible through IOT with the ability to collect information on consumers. IOT is like consumer map with rich information, preferences and habits. Everyone likes the latest thing and that easily identified by using the Internet of Things.

Benefits of Digital Marketing:

  • Digital marketing has the capacity to reach and attract customers. By using digital marketing with the right effective implementations and strategies we can the small businesses also within a fraction of few days.


  • The advantage of digital marketing is that very cost effective when compared to traditional marketing. With the help of digital marketing, small-scale companies can also compete with the big companies.


  • All the digital marketing tactics are measurable this leads to more investments in this field. Marketing analyst can take guesswork at that time we can easily identify which tactics are not working. Hence, we can replace some other tactics in that.


  • Digital marketing is the latest method for popularity to the business. If any business is not using digital marketing as a source for the publicity then it will be behind their competitors.


  • Digital marketing provides real-time data that would very helpful for the seekers to adapt real-time actions what people taking now. We don’t have to depend on a sample data sets. We just have to do plan, adapt and execute on true conducting data.


  • Most digital marketing channels allow article and campaigns that are shared with multiple followers. It leads to create a multiplier effect and results in sales improvement.

Wind-up Lines:  

Digital marketing is nothing but tactics to achieve marketing objectives by utilizing digital technology. It is a platform for promoting professional brands through adds and other strategies without losing credibility. There need not be any separation of digital marketing from the usual marketing department because of the same objectives that both has. The main aspect of digital marketing is to attract the modern world. Modern generation doesn’t want to step out of their places to buy anything that leads to the growth of online shopping in that digital marketing strategies are key factors for the companies in their product publicity. Also, digital marketing is the place where anyone can fulfil their dream career with less effort when compared to other fields but need patience.

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